The Augmented And Virtual Reality Of Today

The rapid evolution of Science and Technology made a huge impact on the lifestyle of the people hence it greatly influenced the business world making them a tool in presentations and marketing and is proven to be very effective. Technology like virtual reality is also beneficial to surgeons in their upcoming operations for them to assure their patients that it is perfectly safe to undergo the process and they are in good hands. Virtual reality is also advantageous in helping to train medical residents.

Augmented reality on the other hand paved way for modern businesses to thrive more thru digital marketing. Famous movies like Star Wars and other science fiction movies use Holograms or Chroma key green or 3D for a more immersive entertainment experience.

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The difference between AR and VR

There may be an intrinsic similarity between the two but somehow both are different in some ways. In gaming, the player using the AR simply copies the physical environment using their gadgets, particularly their smartphones, and then juxtapose it or layers it into their digital game.

The VR on the other hand, the player immerse themselves in the 3D and connect to the digital world using a special augmented headset which is using a head tracking technology that allows you to explore the digital environment by moving your head physically and gives you a 360 -degree virtual view.

The Recent Developments of AR and VR

1. The 3 Dimensional Fitting Rooms

Well-known fashion shops apply AR and VR technology to allow customers to view the apparel, cosmetics, accessories, bags, and shoes that they wanted to purchase before buying them. It gives them an idea of ​​what they will look like if they are wearing them virtually.

2.Online Education

The AR is very much applicable for educators to present their lessons well. The AR creates an immersive environment for the learners to fully appreciate online learning. The AR is capable of combining the environment such as the Pyramid of Egypt, the amazon forest, and/ or mount Everest, and creating a piece of information about them. It gives the learners an idea about the topic that they are learning as well as marvels at its beauty as if they were there.


Training and presentations are the trends these days, especially for people doing remote work. It is a very efficient way of making a presentation or training the employees to comprehend the topic. The best part here is the employees have the freedom to review the training again in case of clarifications or if they missed something.

4. Real Estate

Virtual Reality real estate experience is best used in sales, enhances designs, and gives a visual idea of ​​future properties that have not yet been built or a vacant apartment and what it looks like if it’s already been fully furnished. VR and even AR are the best tools for virtual real estate agents to surely get the right buyer for the property.


Automotive and vehicle safety has been given great importance and a potential buyer will have an idea about the car that they wish to purchase by having a heads-up display of the performance stats, its size, shape, and color by using the VR or AR .

6. The Metaverse VR

The Metaverse VR is an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds that is accessible to VR to navigate the environment and for people to socialize, work, play, shop, explore, buy properties, watch live concerts and sports events, and many others using their avatars . The famous virtual Metaverse is the Sandboxing.

End Insight:

The market for Augmented and Virtual Reality continues to rise and the ever-evolving technology made consumers more accessible to almost everything for our lives to be more flexible and convenient.

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