Sofia Vergara Reveals Gift She Received From The Mayyas After AGT Win

America’s Got Talent‘s newest champions, The Mayyaswill forever feel indebted to judge sophia vergara — and she now has a piece of them around her neck wherever she goes.

Following Wednesday’s finale, in which the Lebanese dance troupe was named the champions of season 17, Vergara revealed to PEOPLE that her Golden Buzzer act had gifted her one of their necklaces as a token of their appreciation.

“They were thanking me,” the 50-year-old explained after the show. “They gave me this necklace, that is the tree from Lebanon. I mean, it was like, oh my God, [I’m] so happy. The symbol in their flag is the tree.”

“I come from Barranquilla, Colombia where we have a big Lebanese community. Shakira is from Barranquilla and she is half Lebanese,” she continued. “We are very used to the culture, we eat Lebanese food. We lived with a big, big community, so this was very special for me.”

Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Terry Crews with The Mayyas.
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The group’s founder, Nadim Cherfan, also spoke to PEOPLE about the sentimental gift — and feeling forever indebted to the modern-family actress, especially as he and his 37 dancers prepare to headline a residence at Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas with $1 million in their pockets.

“It means the world to us,” Cherfan said of seeing Vergara wear the necklace on the red carpet after the show. “To see this tree that resembles every Lebanese person who will stand in the face of anything and just survive. So this is big for us. Very big.”

“It just happened spontaneously,” dancer Melissa Saliba added of the gift to Vergara. “One of the dancers took her necklace off her, this one with the Cedar, with the flag. This is our flag and we gave it to Sofía.”

Sofia Vergara with The Mayyas.
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Though they were crowned the champions of season 17, The Mayyas admitted their confidence wasn’t always there. After dealing with many hurdles throughout their journey, finally nabbing the AGT title makes everything that much sweeter.

“This feels amazing,” Cherfan said. “This is our dream. Our childhood dream. We never imagined we would be able to pull this off even ’til today right before they announced the winner. The doubt was there. I mean we’re competing in the biggest competition in the world against huge talents. So we are proud of ourselves. I’m proud of this growth.”

One thing that remained true for the dancers and Vergara, who will be starring in Netflix’s upcoming series Griseldais their special bond.

“It’s literally like a family,” Saliba said of the dynamic between the group and the actress. “How [else] can you imagine a family? Like every emotion, every situation happening in a whole house. I think she was out of words because she gave me more facial expressions.”

“I told her, ‘Thank you, Sofía, for everything,'” added Cherfan. “She said, ‘No, thank you. you.'”

Bring Patton/NBC

Now that the show’s wrapped and they’re headed to Sin City, The Mayyas can relax and celebrate.

“We’re going to eat pizza,” Cherfan said of their celebratory plans. “We just want to sit next to each other and just relax, now. Vegas should be nervous!”

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Prior to announcing the results at Wednesday’s finale, excitement was at an all-time high.

the black Eyed Peas and AGT alums Light Balance opened the show with an electric number, before the judges and host Terry Crews raved about the final performances of the season 17 finalists.

The Mayyas.
Casey Durkin/NBC/Getty

The top 11 acts — The Mayyasmagicians Nicholas Ribssinger Sarah Jamesartificial intelligence (AI) group Metaphysicalsaxophonist Avery Dixoncountry groups Chapel Hartpole dancer kristy sellarsmagicians yuhojincomedian Mike E Winfieldcountry-singer Drake Milliganand singing ventriloquist Celia Munoz — then got a chance to take the stage again with several celebrity guests.

Later in the evening, the Top 5 acts were announced, with Milligan, Sellars, Metaphysic, The Mayyas, and Chapel Hart taking the spots. From there, Chapel Hart finished in fifth place, Metaphysic finished in fourth, Milligan finished in third, and Sellars finished in second.

Season 17 of America’s Got Talent can be streamed in full on or Hulu.

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