Google Pixel 7 Pro — 5 ways it could beat iPhone 14 Pro

with the Google Pixel 7 Pro‘s October 6 reveal date not far off, we’ll soon find out if it’s capable of dethroning the excellent iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 ProMax. Because based on what we know about the phone so far, and what the Pixel 6Pro was capable of, it’s got the potential to take down Apple’s best.

Google gave the Pixel 6 Pro a competitive price, high-resolution cameras and a more eye-catching design than the iPhone, and continues to flex its AI prowess by adding more and more smart software features via its Pixel Feature Drop updates. The Pixel 7 Pro, therefore, could have everything it needs to outpace the latest iPhones, and could even surpass them on our best phones guide if it can fix a few other annoying parts of the Pixel experience.

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